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GFRampage Password September 9, 2014

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Ginny from was crazy about Leroy, the captain of the college boxing team. When he was training, sex was forbidden, so she was really happy when the inter-college championships were over. The summer vacation was on the way, and she had Leroy and his big black cock all to herself… Leroy was relaxing at home, one afternoon, when Ginny dropped by… “Hi, baby!” she greeted him. “I decided to come around, to keep you and your dick company!” she added … See the rest of this story only at

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gframpage videos

Want a lift darling?” Joachim leered lecherously at the young GFRampage girl standing at the bus stop. Going anywhere special?” he continued as he mentally undressed her. “Not really!” June replied. Hop in then, and we’ll all go back to my place … for drinks and that!” Joachim’s expresssion “And that”, meant one thing and one thing only. As soon as he and Peter – the driver – got her back to his apartment, they were going to give her the shafting of a lifetime … Back at Joachim’s place, he and Peter lost no time in pulling the attractive teenager’s knickers off. And whilst Peter investigated her lush, wet cunny, Joachim busied himself feeling her firm, rounded breasts. “I don’t usually do this sort of thing!” June gasped – lying – as Peter pinched the lips of her quim together, making her clitoris stand up, “but seeing as you are such nice guys …” she continued to GF Rampage breathlessly, “you can have me … if you want me …!”

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Keep in mind there is no excellent GF Rampage beauty, learn to conceal the worst, bring out the best, and still leave something to the imagination. A definition of glamour, the recreation of a magic moment when a woman is at her most beautiful and when her personality is vital. The glamour picture should have a certain mood of privacy, through the keyhole quality. The subject is seemingly unaware of the camera although she may very well be. Your backgrounds, you can not go wrong using a simple background. The unclutted GFRampage background also lends itself well to newspaper and other reproduction.

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gframpage movies

The imperious looking GF Rampage brunette on this and the preceding page goes by the unusual name of DOMINO. She is a well-known night club dancer who performs while attired in this exotic and bizarre leather costume. Her act has caught on with the international set and she is in constant demand throughout the world. Currently, she is appearing in a leading cabaret in Puerto Rico where she is drawing capacity of GFRampage audiences.

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Let’s get the obvious joke out of the GF Rampage way. This bird is bootiful. Soft, succulent, and, I hope she’ll pardon me for saying, in need of stuffing. Meet Sheila, a magnificent amateur model from deepest Norfolk, who made the short trip to our Essex studios some six months ago and enjoyed a day’s professional glamour modelling. The backlog of readers waiting to be photographed by Fiesta is, at last, shrinking, and we would be happy to hear from prospective Stripteasers. If you think you can do as good a job as Sheila here, send your pics to the usual address and we’ll be in touch. Best of luck, ladies!

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The average GFRampage amateur believes that the secret of good photos lie in expensive equipment. You are wrong. Most were made with the same camera and other equipment used bv the average amateur. The pictures in this look were made with 4×5 speed graphic camera, two strobe lights were used. One on the camera and one for a back light. Tri x film was used and shot at F-16. And a final word: Keep taking pictures, out of 100 pictures 99 may be terrrible, one excellent. From the excellent one you will learn how to improve your work. For more excelent tips, scenes and content, continue to GF Rampage here.

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